So my due date has come and gone and I have no baby.  Yes, I’m overdue. I went to the doctor yesterday and there was some positive news. I was 1-2 CM dilated (always positive but especially because I wasn’t dilated at all on Friday when I was checked),  i’m starting to efface pretty quickly and the baby was much lower in the birth canal than when I was in on Friday, where the baby was still pretty high up.  The worst part now is waiting.  I’m not a very patient person (if you may or may not know).  Especially because Nate came early. The doctor was hopeful that I would go without having to be induced because it’s my second pregnancy and there’s been some progress. But if not, I have to go back in for a whole afternoon of appointments on Tuesday – an ultrasound, a stress test and an examination. I will literally be there all afternoon and then they will schedule me for induction.  Seriously? I just want to give birth.


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