Gabby has arrived!

Things went relatively well – Gabriella Marilyn Alanis was born on October 9, 2010 at 3:21 in the afternoon at Southern NH Medical Center in Nashua.  She was seven pounds, 2 ounces and was 20 inches long.  And, even though she was late, the actual labor itself was quick. On Friday night, I knew that something was happening. I was having contractions and feeling period crampy, but was able to sleep fairly well. The next morning, the contractions started promptly at 6:45. I began timing. I called the doctor at about 9 when I figured that they were regular but still fairly far apart. I was told to call back when they were regular and 5 minutes apart. Two hours laterI called back and was told to come to the hospital, where they got stronger and closer together and I was at 4 CM.  We got  there at 12:21 and I was admitted. At 3:21, Gabby was born via a VBAC. It was so quick! An hour or so after I got there, I was checked again and was at 6 CM.  An hour and a half later I began feeling like I really had to push with each contraction – i told the nurse who told her student to get the resident on duty because the doctor was in a c-section. The nurse would follow me into the bathroom whenever I had to go to make sure I was ok and not pushing then. The resident came in and the nurse was like let’s get the bed ready because this baby is coming now – I really had to push. I was literally standing there with my legs crossed trying not to bear down or anything. The resident was all like “but the ‘real’ doctor is in the OR.” I was like this baby’s not waiting. The nurse said the same thing and was like “Check her and get ready to catch.”  She checked me and i was 9.5. The reason I was only half was because one part of my cervix hadn’t fully moved over yet.  When I had my next contraction, she told me to push and when I did, my cervix was ready to go. The doctor came in and pushing started. Ten minutes later, i had Gabby on my stomach.  No meds – it happened way too quickly and the anesthesiologist didn’t have time to get the epidural that I requested before I started pushing.  Oh well.

Really sore now but doing all right. Really sleep deprived but I’m dealing. The baby is literally up every three hours to eat and i have to get up too because she’s getting breastmilk in bottles which means that even if I’m not feeding her, I have to pump.


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