Getting Baby on Schedule…

…is harder then it sounds particularly when you have to go out to take care of yourself and rely on other people to maintain the schedule because then it takes all afternoon (and evening and the morning of the next day) to get the baby re-adjusted.

This morning, I had to go to the obstetrician for reasons that I don’t think that I should get into here.  Needless to say, I have to go back for an ultrasound on Friday to make sure that there was nothing left over from the delivery of my daughter. The good news is that the tear that I had is healing nicely – I was worried about that and about the bleeding. I still am worried about the bleeding.  hopefully the ultrasound will come back showing that everything was gotten out of me when I delivered. But anyways, I got home and had to get Gabby back on a feeding schedule of every two hours alternating with me pumping right after I change and feed her.  I find that I have the most success with waking her up at about 2 -2.5 hours, changing her diaper and then feeding her after which I will pump a new bottle.  At night, even though Izzy feeds her I still get up to pump in order to get my supply up and to relieve the inevitable pressure that leads to engorgement. Ah the joys of pregnancy and post partum. I don’t know how people like that couple with the 18 children do it because it’s just too much for me sometimes. blech.


One thought on “Getting Baby on Schedule…

  1. I know it gets uncomfortable at night. But try going for longer periods between pumping, weaning off the night time feedings. Remember that the more you pump, the more you produce. You can actually train your breasts to produce in the day and not so much at night. And wouldn’t that be nice? We were the other way around nursing. I had weaned him during the day, but he was still nursing all night!! I just didn’t have the energy to say no then! Well, FINALLY, we are weaned. Thank GOODNESS!

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