The importance of good customer service…

…and a good pump. Yes, those are the subjects of my current blog post.  So, for those of you out of the loop, I have opted to pump breast milk into bottles to feed to my daughter because of the issues that we have had breastfeeding.  What with supplementing, the little one decided she wasn’t going to latch on, so that’s where I’m at. I realize that breast milk is the best for my daughter, which is why I’m pumping right now. It works for me right now, so that’s what I’m doing. i’m going to try to make it to six months doing this with her where she’s getting just breast milk in bottles.  If it happens, great.  if not, then I will deal with it in all of my hormonal glory and move on. That being said, it’s super important to have a good pump.

I was using the same pump that I used with Nate – it’s a good three years old and had gotten a lot of use during the first 6 months or so of Nate’s life. It’s tired.  And last night, I realized that one of the lines that attaches the pump part to the battery engine had a slice in it, which was ruining the pressure, therefore making it impossible to pump anything out of the breast that I was trying to pump out of unless I somehow managed to figure out a way to plug it while I was pumping.  Amazingly, I was able to acrobatically pump quite a few times while figuring out a way to do this, but I also quickly realized that I had to figure out a more permanent solution – this was going to get old fast unless I figured it out. So i did two things: I called customer service at Avent first thing this morning and then went to Babies R Us and got a new pump.  Avent is send me a replacement part for FREE – and it should get here by this time next week – even though the pump is close to three years old.  Which is totally cool of them. AND now i have a new pump, which I used and which is a blessing. It’s quiet and works phenomenally well. I’m also sure that the new parts, when they get here, will make the old pump as good as new as well. So now, I have two pumps – one that I can leave at home and one that I can lug into the office to use while I’m there. Here’s to hoping that this will make things easier.


I went in to the doctor today for an ultrasound. They were doing this to make sure that I didn’t have any placenta or other, tremendous clots left over from my delivery.  And so far, it looks good.  The ultrasound tech, while not a doctor, had been doing these sorts of ultrasounds for years and said that she usually sees masses when she does these ultrasounds and that it looked like i had a normal uterus, albeit with some residual bleeding (which is to be expected post partum). I’m hoping that she’ll be right and the doctors will say that it’s a normal ultrasound and that I have nothing to worry about. I tend to think that she’s right because i have been bleeding less, although I bled slightly more today – I attribute that to the ultrasound more than anything else. I’m still a little tender but that’s also getting better slowly but surely. I’m trying to take it easy.


I reviewed my latest read here. Enjoy.

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