Halloween at School and follow up on last entry

So Nate had his Halloween party at school today and we went.  I made Izzy come home early so that we could all go to the event – Izzy wasn’t too keen on going initially but I thought that it would be really sad if Nate was the only one there without a parent.  And I was happy that we went — Nate was so happy that we were there and that we had brought Gabby with us.  He showed her off to his teachers and his friends.  He was so cute too – when his friends showed too much interest and started to get too close, he got in between them and Gabby and was super protective of her.  At one point, he even told one of them to be careful and not to touch her because she was too little.  He was also pretty generous with his kisses.  I was pretty proud of him – he did a great job!


Yesterday after my doctor’s appointment, I went into the office with Gabby. It was really nice to see everyone – and I mean REALLY nice.  I am pretty lonely right now – i spend the majority of my days at home with the TV and an infant – never a good combination especially when you’re sleep deprived.  My parents have gone home and Izzy is at work.  It went from having lots of people around to essentially having no one around – and that makes me sad and lonely and starved for adult conversation.  So, seeing everyone yesterday (or almost everyone – some were out, some were busy, some were in meetings) made me that much happier – thanks folks!


So, the things to look out for in PPD:

  • sadness and mood swings
  • difficulty concentrating
  • irritation and anger at yourself or the people around you or both
  • lack of interest in things that you used to enjoy
  • sleep and appetite changes (this one is often pretty hard to attirbute to PPD because newborns equal lack of sleep)
  • panic attacks (in my case, I get stressed out about running the most mundane of errands with the baby in tow)
  • excessive worry about the baby
  • disturbing thoughts about harming yourself or your baby
  • mania
  • racing thoughts
  • headaches/stomach problems
  • guilt
  • feeling like you should never have become a mom or that you can’t do it (Check plus on this one)
  • delusions or hallucinations

I seriously encourage everyone to be on the lookout for this and to bring the person that has this to a doctor or the ER for treatment, particularly if they’re hallucinating or thinking about harming themselves, their baby or another person. This is not something to be ignored, which is why my MD was called by me.  It’s pretty easily dealt with if you catch it.


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