Clogged milk ducts

Are probably as painful as labor.  So painful. I’m trying to clear one or two right now and am having no luck – i’ve done the warm massage thing in the shower with no luck.
I’m off to get a heating pad today.  anyone have any other suggestions? i’ve been umpimng frequently in an effort to clear it but to no avail and it’s not clearing at all, although i do get some relief…


2 thoughts on “Clogged milk ducts

  1. Ouch! You might want to try moist heat, like maybe a damp washcloth – safely insulated from the heating pad! – under the heating pad. Good luck getting it cleared.

  2. Ugh! The WORST! So sad for you! I agree, soooooo painful. The only thing I can suggest is sometimes they will prescribe antibotics if the duct becomes infected, which you can tell if the milk you are pumping has a slightly green tint. Secondly, you can take a vicodin, just not too much. Sorry you’re in pain,

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