If you have one thing, you can’t have the other (or when it rains it pours)

So, my delivery with Nate was absolutely horrendous but in the aftermath/recovery, it wasn’t too bad (although longer than I would have liked and with PPD, but at least I was physically healthy within 6 weeks for the most part although it was a long six weeks).  This time, I had a really quick and easy vaginal delivery with no drugs. I’m feeling no pain currently (from the delivery itself – please note) and the red blood has abated to pretty much non-existent (with some spotting now and again).  However, I have developed booby problems. That’s right – you read that correctly.  I have mastitis in one of my boobs and let me tell you, I would not wish this on my worst enemy or frenemy or whoever else you would think deserves the worst punishment.  The pain is indescribable. I guess, if you were a guy, it’s like getting kicked in the balls over and over and over again hundreds of times; then think about what it would feel like to have someone touch you there, even lightly or have your clothing brush against you.  Can you feel the exruciating pain? Yes? Good – that’s what I feel – except they tell us that we have to continue to use the boob and empty it of milk at regular intervals, so until the pain goes away, you’re pretty much in for it.

I ended up going to immediate care on Saturday because of the pain, not because I had a fever or chills or aches or anything like that and they put me on an antibiotic.  I have to take it four times a day and put lots of heat on the boob. I think it’s getting better. The pain has abated somewhat and no fever has developed, which is good.  i have a follow up with my OB scheduled for next week and hopefully she’ll tell me that everything has cleared up.  I’m worried about having to get IV antibiotics or that i have an abscess or something like that. I never had this with Nate…


 So, when we woke up this morning, Nate had a really red eye. It wasn’t overly yucky and wasn’t sealed shut with gookiness but I figured we should go to the doctor anyways.  So we trucked our butts over to the doctor. Luckily, Izzy stayed home today so I didn’t have both kids in tow in going to the doctor’s office. I swear, i’m their favorite patient. I have been there three times in one week (twice last week and once this week). I pay their salaries.  Or my insurance does.  Anyways, Nate has pink eye, wonderfully enough, which means I and/or Izzy get to wrestle with him three times a day to put that stupid ointment into his eye.  AND an ear infection, so we get to wrestle that stuff into his ear as well. And wash our hands every five seconds so that the baby doesn’t get sick and tell Nate that he can’t touch his sister (which, for him, is the end of the world because he loves kissing his sister and is devastated that he can’t). So yeah, when it rains, it pours.

On an interesting note, I was able to ask the pediatrician about my own predicament because he is my doctor too.  And yes, it gets awkward talking about boobage with a male doctor that is your age but what the hell – he’s a doctor.  And at one point, I was like “having this happen to me made me want to stop pumping” and I thought he was going to fall off his chair.  It was interesting to see the reaction because i think that it was based on a few things:  either he thinks I’m crazy dedicated and a militant boob feeder (which I don’t think I am – even though I pumped for a solid six months with Nate before phasing out to formula), or just plain crazy, or he was trying to balance my interests as his patient with my daughter’s best interests as his patient.  It was a potentially wierd ethical conundrum because obviously if I have recurrent issues with this, that presents a medical issue for me that may lead me to decide to wean earlier – which is a completely legitimate choice under the circumstances – but we all know that breast is best. So how does the practitioner that treats both the child and the child’s mother (as a pediatrician and also as a PCP) resolve that? Maybe i’m overthinking things.


On another note, here is cuteness:

He had such a good time trick or treating last night and did really well, according to all reports. I stayed home with Gabriella.


2 thoughts on “If you have one thing, you can’t have the other (or when it rains it pours)

  1. I hear ya! I didn’t have mastitis but I had a lot of pain the first 6 weeks or so – big latch problems. I would seriously consider ramming my head into a brick wall over and over and over as an acceptable alternative to distract me from the pain while nursing! Thanks goodness for pumping. The things we do for our kids, huh?

  2. Oy, the pink eye. Fortunately we only had to deal with it once so far…and I’m hopefully not jinxing myself. Good luck (with both problems)!

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