The line in the sand

So, my husband and I were talking last night about the whole pumping and breast infection thing. He was pretty shocked that I didn’t just stop pumping when I got the breast infection – he thought that i would just toss my hands up and switch to formula. I mean, it was that painful (I was literally crying in the shower because the water hurt so bad) and it’s a lot of work to pump every few hours (which is what you have to do to empty your breasts – during the day I try to pump every two hours, at night every three or four). I told him that I was really close to just saying “enough” but that I wanted to try to give Gabby breast milk for as long as possible.  He made a good point though – he said that at some point, I’d be sacrificing my mental health and sanity and physical well-being to do it, especially if I get another infection (which is possible, because I still have a really small blocked duct in the effected breast). So, I have decided to draw a line – i will continue to pump for now, but if I get another infection, I will start to wind down on the breastfeeding/pumping thing and start introducing formula.

I have yet to tell the pediatrician this and quite frankly I’m worried about his reaction to the news based upon how he reacted yesterday.  Izzy thinks that I’m completely overthinking and overanalyzing the situation, but I’m not quite sure about that.  He wasn’t there, he didn”t see the same reaction that I did – it was totally a moment during which the pediatrician looked taken aback.  However, now that I think about it, he was probably just encouraging me to continue with the breastfeeding but maybe he would totally respect my decision to stop if it was beginning to impact my own life in such a way.

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