So this week has been trying.  First the neverending mastitis and then Nate having pink eye and an ear infection. And today, Izzy is in Chicago for his company so I have both children home with me today. Nate is pretty easy. We’re just hanging out having movie day at the house so that I can rest and take care of Gabby. 

I went to the obstetrician yesterday to have them look at the breast. Apparently, I had some cellulitis on top of the breast infection, so the doctor prescribed another antibiotic, which will hopefully work. They will follow up with me on my 6 week post partum appointment.  Unfortunately, one of the side effects of the antibiotic is headache, which I woke up with this morning. The appointment was good in the sense that there weren’t any lumps under the cellulitis or that could be really felt in the breast, which would indicate that there was a cyst or abscess that needed draining.  The doctor seems to think that the infection will be cleared up with this new course of antibiotic, which probably should have been given to me in the first place because breast infections seem to respond better to it than the other antibiotic. I continue to drink lots of liquids and to pump regularly – 2-3 hours during the day and 3-4 hours at night.  There are times that I feel really overwhelmed, but things seem to be mellowing out a little bit more – possibly because of the Zoloft but also because of my mindset.  I am making a concerted effort not to get stressed out if the baby is crying a lot after feedng/changing/holding and to just breath.

More later on…


3 thoughts on “Whoooeee

  1. It helped me to talk out loud when the babies were crying. I was saying, “Oh baby, sorry, but Mama’s feeling coo-coo again! Why must you cry? Well, it’s not your fault you’re crying, right? Life’s really hard huh?” Then I would just be laughing out loud like a real nut job, because that’s what I felt like. But you know, it helped. Sometimes it’s either laugh or cry, you know? Sometimes, the baby would just look up at me once I started talking, because I was doing it in an insanely sweet voice (not mine) and it had no idea what I was saying! But it also helped me to think, this baby didn’t ask to be here, she’s/he’s just trying to get through life like the rest of us, and I’ve got to help her/him. (I think I got that basic idea from a talk show on PPD.). Another thing I tried to do during my most stressful moments, was to remember that even though the little baby wasn’t participating productively in our family yet- they are more like little sponges at first, that suck everything you have out of you- they are still tiny PEOPLE and part of my “team” of people. Babies are a real investment. Someday you will have conversations together, help each other, and have fun together. You’ll help others together, and see the world together. When you see your kids for not just what they are today, but for who they can potentially be, well, it helped me. Anyway, I’m kind of the type of person that can have this whole dialect going in my mind while I’m caring for a screaming baby, so it serves as a distraction (all that thinking) if nothing else!
    From one coo-coo mama to another, I can tell you, it gets better, sooooo much better. Hold on and try to have fun! Laugh at yourself and the kids will laugh too.

  2. Oy, that’s got to be really hard. I had a terrible time nursing at the beginning, and I pumped all the damned time, but I didn’t have mastitis/cellulitis on top of it. Good luck.

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