The obligatory Thanksgiving Day Post

Of course it’s a few days late because I can’t get my stuff together to actually write this post in a timely manner. But whatever.  I’m writing it.  We spent Thanksgiving in New Hampshire because of the new baby but that didn’t mean that we didn’t have a real Thanksgiving. The fact that I have a newborn and a toddler and a sometimes grumpy husband didn’t deter me from actually preparing a full Thanksgiving dinner.  See below:

I have to say, I’m totally proud of myself. It took me literally all day to do this because the turkey, at a whopping sixteen pounds, took most of the preceding 24 hours to thaw out and then about 4-5 hours to cook.  It took me about an hour to two hours to do the sides, all things considered. It was the first time that I had cooked a turkey and done the full thing and I think that it came out well Take a look:


This morning, I went to my first yoga class since giving birth and since breaking my ankle.  The class was held at the YMCA in Merrimack and I was pleasantly surprised by how big it was, the extent of the offerings there and the class itself. It was a well attended class – there were maybe 15 of us altogether of varying levels.  There were obviously the people that had been doing this a while and then there were the people that hadn’t. I have done yoga before but because I haven’t practiced in a while I was really awful at it – pretty tight.  I felt tight everywhere.  Part of it too is that I have generally been stressed out and when I get stressed I tend to get all tight – probably like most people right?  Anyways, it was a decent class and I hope to be able to go to a class like this a couple of times a week at least and begin to walk/cycle the other times in order to get into shape because, let’s face it,  I gained some weight when I was pregnant and while i’m about 10-15 pounds away from where I want to be, I’m still pretty heavy.

I mean, I saw myself in that mirror at the gym and all I could think was “is THAT what I really look like now?  Man, I need to watch my food and start exercising.”  Which is what I will hopefully get around to now – at least thirty minutes of aerobic activity a day and maybe some yoga or weight lifting depending on what I’m doing. I also need to worry about what my ankle can handle.  I have an orthopedist appointment on Friday so hopefully he’ll be able to clear me for more activity – preferably skiing and high impact aerobics.


I have two new reviews up here and here. Enjoy.


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