Santa visit and our Christmas tree

So, today we brought Nate and Gabby to the mall to see Santa and both kids did fabulously.  Because of the logistics, each of them got their own moment with Santa – didn’t want to force the guy to have to hold an infant and a three year old that would be really, really upset about having to share Santa with his new, whiny, crying little sister. Nate was really cute as we were getting ready to head out – he was super excited and kept telling us to hurry because he had to see Santa.  As we were driving, he kept asking us where Santa was and when were going to get there, but then, when we got there, he was totally shy and hid behind us for a little bit.  Luckily enough, we got there super early and then were like the second ones in line so we were in and out.  I was super surprised that we were organized enough to get our act together to get out on time.

Here’s our Christmas tree:

And Gabby looks fantastic in front of it.  Nate had a fun time decorating it as well:

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