Back to work week one

It was like I had an energy kick – I went back to work on Monday.  Yes, my first day back was the week of Christmas, the time that most people really want to take off, but  which I was ecstatic to actually be in work. OK maybe ecstatic is too big a word, but let’s just say that I was completely psyched to be back at work.  I got to talk to *real* adults, apart from my husband, doctors and parents.  And it was so nice to be able to sit down and read a packet of discovery and to write motions and to be in hearings again.  Really, really nice.

I did have my moments though.  Like when I thought that I was going to die when I wasn’t able to pump for six hours straight.  And the moment when I missed Gabby and had to call the center where she and Nate are staying to just check on her to make sure that she was ok (she was). All in all though, I think that it was a good one.


On Wednesday, we brought cake into Nate’s classroom for his birthday.  The drawback of having a Christmas birthday is, in some ways, like having a summer birthday in that you don’t get to celebrate with your school class (remember when you brough munchkins to class for your b-day?!).  I mean, there’s also the whole everyone else getting presents at the same time, but whatever. Anyways, we brought in a cake to his class for his birthday and he was mortified and so excited at the same time.  So cute. He sat there so shyly as people sang happy birthday to him and made a big deal over him and then he hugged all 14 of his classmates. It was so cute.

2 thoughts on “Back to work week one

  1. I would imagine it’s the perfect week to come back! Things are lower key, boundaries are a little squishy, and everyone is thinking family and friends. Plus, more chocolate than normal!

    I used to call all the time with P. I’d forgotten about that until I just read your post.

  2. Welcome back to work!! I’m glad everything went well! Sometimes it just feels good to get out, doesn’t it?

    I’m glad Nate had a good birthday!

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