Nate’s birthday…

…also known as Christmas in our house was absolutely wonderful:

We had a wonderful time.  The weekend was nice, long and relaxing.  And Nate was particularly wonderful – he was so excited. It was so nice to see and he even told us that he was happy.  It was wonderful…

On the work front, things are busy but that’s to be expected. I’m still really happy to be back, but things are really, really hectic.  Where I was just barely getting stuff done before, it’s even more difficult now.  There are less hours in the day than there were before (even though the number of hours hasn’t really changed, there seems to be much more to get done in the limited amount of time that I have). I’ve been having wicked bad headaches and I’m not sure why. i think it may be stress related – my neck gets all tight and then I get the headache. 😦


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