The obligatory New Year’s Post

So with a new year, there are new goals.  I resolve to:

  • Be a kindler and gentler version of myself. I am going to try to have more patience.
  • To continue to be honest.
  • To read 75 books in the upcoming year. Obviously, my goal for the last year was 100 and I fell woefully short of that goal. I blame a busted ankle and a new baby for that. And yet I still read 50+ books and watched a fair number of movies from my Netflix list, so I’m proud of that.
  • To be healthier in my eating and in my activity levels. I need to lose about 15 pounds of baby weight and to do that, I need to eat better and exercise more.  The eating better is actually going to be easier than the exercise, surprsingly enough. With two children that I’m responsible for doing pick up for, it’s hard to work exercise into my schedule but, like all humans, I have to eat, so I’m going to make better food choices.

2010 was a challenging year for me.  It began with sinus issues and then we learned that we were pregnant. In May, I broke my ankle and had to have surgery to repair it.  Then we introduced a baby five months later.  It’s been a crazy but good year I think.

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