The Return to Work for a First Time Mom…

…I spent most of my day thinking about a co worker’s wife and the feelings that she must be having. Today was the first time that their son went to daycare.  He’s seven months old.  It must have been excrutiatingly hard on her in some regards.  I mean, she has spent most of the last seven months with their son…the separation must have been tough…and I can empathize.  I go through bouts of missing my children during my job as well and I think about them when I get to tough parts of my day.  They get me through. In fact, just yesterday I called daycare to see if they were all right.  But there are other times when I just am so happy to drop them off at daycare because it means I get ten or fifteen minutes or an hour or a few hours of quiet and productivity that is unrelated to childrearing. It allows me to do laundry, cook, go to work, go food shopping. Hell it even allows me to talk to adults for more then five minute stretches about things that don’t relate to poop, feedings, childhood illnesses and our lack of sleep (because we can’t do it all and sleep at the same time!).

It is hard to drop your child off at daycare.  You will miss him or her but that just means that the time that you DO spend together will be that much more precious to you.


One thought on “The Return to Work for a First Time Mom…

  1. It’s a fine balance eh? My parents watch my son when I work so I don’t think it’s as bad as dropping him off at a daycare (I don’t think there is anything wrong with daycare)…but the first few weeks and months of going back to work were definitely the hardest, but it gets easier and you so totally appreciate the time you do get to spend with them.

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