OK,  so for some reason, I’ve never ever been to an eye doctor in my entire life.  It seems that, growing up in a family that was involved in healthcare and in which I became VERY comfortable in dealing with doctors, I would have gone to one to have my eyes checked but I never did. So my experience today in going to one to have my eyes checked was very, very wierd. The wierdest part wasn’t the part where the doctor came in and put microscopes in my eyes or had me read the eye chart, but where they blew a burst of air into my eyes, one at a time. It is the most bizarre feeling ever.  And unlike anything that I had ever experienced before.

Also, I had a voicemail from Nate and my doctor regarding Nate. Apparently they want to see him again next month for a weight check because he didn’t gain as much as they wanted him to this past go around.  Everyone has said that this is nothing to worry about but I can’t help worrying…


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