Days like these

It has been absolutely snowy here. Case and point:

(And thank you Mr. DPW person for absolutely killing my mailbox. Isn’t that a federal offense?!).  We’ve been so busy around here that our spare time is spent like this:

Nate and Gabby are doing really, really well. Gabby has been chatting it up with us – she has been experimenting with her voice and it’s really funny. She’ll let out a squeal or a laugh and then be all completely shocked that she made the sound. She will look at me in shock and then smile. It’s so cute.  Speaking of smiling, she’s smiling a whole lot and now it’s not just the gassy type of smile, if you know what I mean.

And Nate is NAte.  He got his first invitation to a classmate’s birthday party and I think that I’m more excited about it than he is.  Having kids can sometimes be a lonely experience unless you find other parents with kids the same age to bond with (lucky me – there were 8 babies in born in our office this year, including Gabby!). Make sure that you head on over to my review blog – I’m going to be posting some reviews over there in the next few days.

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