i don’t want to be one of those parents….

…that have one of *those* kids. You know, the ones that kick and scream and hit and assault people. Especially the people that are taking care of them.  Teachers. Doctors. Nurses. Police Officers. My three year old has had meltdowns.  Not very often, but when they come, they sure do come. And the folks that have him during the day are wonderful at dealing with them and calming him down and talking to him.  We try to talk to him at home about how to appropriately handle feelings of frustration and denial – by not lashing out and hitting but by talking it out.  Usually, he just starts screaming and crying and turning all red in the face. He lies down on the floor, so the whole hitting meltdown thing came as a surprise to me and I was, quite honestly, really upset by it.  Not because I think that anyone did anything wrong – far from it – but because everyone has been doing everything correctly in my opinion and yet my son still lashed out.  He is such a sweet boy normally.  So why does it happen? Is it a developmental milestone so to speak?  I don’t know. This weekend, though he has been wonderful.


We went to one of Nate’s classmates’s birthday parties today and I think that Nate had a good time.  Lots of pink and lots of princesses – she is such a girl (and a cutie too!). There were so many children there – I give this girl’s mother a ton of credit in hosting this party because having that many 3 year olds is such a task. I was getting tired just thinking about the cleaning that must go into arranging the party and then the cleaning that must go on afterwards. I am thinking about what we can do for Nate for his birthday – he’s a Christmas baby so maybe we will end up having something during the summer for him.  The kids will be a little older and having the outside available for parties may make things that much better.


I have decided to start a podcast. It’s hosted over at BlogTalkRadio.com and I plan on using the podcast to talk about parenting stuff. Everything from movies and books that are good for kids to PPD to the latest Tiger Mom thing and breastfeeding in public debates. I would really love ideas for podcasts in the future.  Friday night at 6:30! There is even a chat room and you can call in to ask questions or to comment. The first episode is going to be just introductions I think, maybe a brief review of a movie.  Any ideas would be much appreciated.


One thought on “i don’t want to be one of those parents….

  1. I really got a lot out of the “Raising Your Spirited Child” and “Brain Rules for Babies” books in terms of understanding the 3 year old meltdowns. 3 was hard, but 3 1/2 was in some ways harder (the guideline is to expect tantrum issues on the year and half-year). I have a kid who has transition issues and really freaks out when things don’t meet her expectations. (Also: perfectionist. Already. Ugh.) Now that we’re coming out of it I’m amazed, but it does take a lot more management than say, the 2 year old tantrums did!

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