lots going on

and not much time unfortunately.  Gabby had her four month checkup this week and is 14 pounds!  I know that must sound like a lot for a four month old infant but when you hear that it places her in the 50th percentile, it doesn’t sound nearly as impressive. She’s generally doing really well…but she has some issues. Wicked bad eczema on her cheek and turning her head to the left are her biggest problems but otherwise, she’s a normal, happy four month old. 


I’m really enjoying the whole podcasting thing (that’s the link to my show site). My next episode is on Sunday at 8:00 – it’s a live episode where I attempt to talk about gender and how our kids learn about gender.  i’ve had to read a few really interesting thing this week about it and I can’t wait to talk about it.  I’m also talking about the week’s events and a little more about Gabby’s check up.  I really hope that you guys tune in and call in with your ideas.


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