Loving one child more than the other

So there was a story on Jezebel recently where the blogger reported that a mother admitted to loving her son more than her daughter – in part because she bonded more with her son sooner. Apparently, as the result of illness, her daughter was hospitalized a lot and therefore, she had a hard time bonding with her.  I really feel badly for this woman’s daugher because, at some point, she will grow up and she will see what her mother has said about her and about their relationship. I can’t help but thinking that their relationship will never be the same and they may never get along at all again. I can imagine her daughter being so hurt by those words, even if they were meant to be cathartic or helpful. For me  personally, I can’t imagine what my life would be like without either of my kids in it. They are both so different from each other and I love them for that – it’s so cool to see how different they are even though they came from the same gene pool.

I guess that there is a point beyond which one should really think about what is being posted where and who can see it because it’s so easy for the line to be crossed and for people’s feelings to be hurt, whether it’s people that you work with or your family or your friends.  So use caution!

In another note, we are back fron Disney.  The transition back home has been easier than i thought it would be – it seems that Nate was just as Disney’ed out as Izzy and I and Gabby had no clue whatsoever. The loss of the hour though really screwed around with my sleep patterns. I’m still trying to adjust.  Slowly but surely.

There are new reviews over at the review blog and remember, the podcast goes on on Friday at 9!


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