Not a chatty Cathy lately…

…I know, but things have been super busy and I’ve been combatting a sinus infection. I’m feeling better though and was actually able to continue to work out through it all, which is great! Speaking of working out, I went to the gym FOUR times last week – once on Monday, once Tuesday, once Wednesday and once Friday. I took a boxing class on Monday at lunch time, which was perhaps the best thing ever. I was able to let off some steam and went back to work with more energy. I also took a boxing class on Tuesday. Wednesday, I just rode the bike and did some weights on legs and on Friday I did me some yoga.  Today, I rode the stationaary bike and lifted weights with my legs and abs. Those are the two areas I need to focus on – abs because I just had a baby and I need to get them back in some way and my legs because I broke my ankle and need to get my right leg back up to par. I really want to do some good hiking this summer and fall and the only way that I can do that is to start working out harder core now.  Hopefully I can keep this up. 


The kids are doing pretty well.  Nate and I have been going to swimming lessons.  We had our second one this weekend – we go to a class on Saturday mornings where I can get in the water with him. It’s pretty basic stuff.  They try to get the kids used to being in the water and reaching for things. They also try to get them used to floating on their backs and getting their faces wet, using songs, games and toys.  Nate has been doing all right. He hates getting his face wet and is really  nervous about being on his back.  The back thing was better this past weekend but he still doesn’t like getting his face wet. And he gets cold so easily. Like he is shaking by the time that the class ends.  But i think that he generally likes it. The class is at the local YMCA and I ahve to say, that for everything from classes to working out, I like it better than the gym that I go to.  It’s a more community feel as opposed to the meaty type of grunting that goes on at the gym that I go to. The folks at the Y generally are there to be heathy but not to be over the top.


On a podcast related note, the podcast now has a phone number.  It is 206-984-1444. Please feel free to leave a VM, including podcast identifiers (which would be cool!). I’m also considering looking for a co-host. Is anyone interested?

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