Episode 8 – Bullying

All Music gotten from the Podsafe Music Network.

The biggest news this week is that we have a voicemail line!!!  You can leave messages for me at 206-984-1444.

The first song was “You Get Me” by Katie Tuck. You can find more music by her here.

News segment:

  1. First grade teacher is suspended for posting derogatory things about her students on Facebook.
  2. Over 1/4 of American women have children with more than one father.
  3. Children at a Massachusetts school poke each other with a used hypodermic needle.
  4. More teens are using birth control.
  5. Makena is up to $1500.00 per dose.
  6. Brooklyn teacher fired for threatening Columbine like rampage.
  7. Britain has the highest percentage of single moms than other countries, except Estonia.

Music interlude

  • “Makes Me Wanna Pray” by Karla Robinson. More can be found by her here.

Bullying Links

  1.  Stop Bullying
  2. COPPA
  3. PFLAG
  4. It Gets Better

My favorite It Gets Better videos:

Chris Colfer

Margaret Cho




Bishop Robinson:

Wellesley College:

Music interlude:  

  • Waiting for the Avalanche by Keppie Coutts. You can find more here.
  • Pirate Song by Jonah Knight
  • Feels Like Home by Stonehoney. More can be found here.
  •  Love Anyway by Shane Henry. More here.

Ways to get ahold of me:

  • VM line – 206-984-1444
  • Email: mominsanitypodcast.com




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