Episode 9 – My favorite podcasts!

All music was gotten from the Podsafe Music Network!

Opening Tune was Friday Night by Todd Carey. You can find more of his music here.

Links mentioned in the Introduction/News section

  1. New Hampshire Power Yoga. Congratulations to Mary and Bob Howard and the rest of the staff at NH Power Yoga – a power vinyasa yoga studio (which also happens to be right down the block from my house!). They were voted best yoga studio for 2011 by the readers of our local newspaper – the Hippo!
  2. Skype in the Classroom is being used to educate students around the world.
  3. HIV adoptions are on the rise in the United States.
  4. Bay Area mother makes her son walk around with a sign that has his GPA on it.
  5. Arkansas strikes down its ban on gay and lesbians and unmarried heterosexual couples adopting.
  6. Woman tries to strangle her boyfriend with a loofah.
  7. Do you love your baby enough to buy them a $1500.00 stroller?
  8. More teens are boozing it up and getting high.
  9. Couple hires think tank to name their baby.
  10. Why deny welfare moms an education?
  11. Two daughters make a happy family.
  12. Premature births are linked to a busy road.
  13. Principal stops a fight.
  14. Family dog saves a 22 month old baby.

Music interlude

  •  “Put Some Music On” by Anji Bee.  More from her can be found here.
  • “Superstitious” by The Tokyo Pop Stars. More from this band can be found here.


End music:

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