So excited

That I can now go on walks and take pictures like this.  There is a whole nature preserve in Merrimack – which most people don’t know about – and the loop trail that I took is about 4 miles. It’s not as strenuous as a hike but it’s a pretty good walk.  Ironically, part of the nature preserve has these huge electric lines running through it, kind of like what I would imagine The Northern Pass project would be. And it was just icky. It reminded me of what it would be like in a pseudo post apocalyptic world and thenI imagined that I was in The Hunger Games trilogy trying to survive. And then I moved on. Anyways, it was a wonderful walk and pretty good for older children. If you’re bringing an infant or young toddler though, don’t bring your stroller because the pathways aren’t paved and are pressed down dirt with sticks and stones in it.

Here’s another gratuitous pic:


So it’s Easter weekend – my parents are here and Nate is sick. I’m pretty sure he has an ear infection because he’s got a low grade fever and is saying his ear hurts.  We have a doctor’s appointment at 11:30 with the on call doctor so hopefully, we’ll get antibiotics and he’ll start to feel better soon.


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