The Royal Wedding

Yes, I’m watching it.  But so far, the ceremony hasn’t begun.  All the guests are still arriving, but it’s very exciting.  The hats are a tad silly though. I mean really. Gabby was up early this morning because she slept through the night (!!!!!) so she’s hanging out with me. 

In high school, a bunch of us went to London on a trip and it was so exciting and fun.  We went to the palace, Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square, all of the places that you’re seeing on TV, so it’s really cool to see it all now. Westminster Abbey was, in my opinion, the coolest part because of all the history. Yes, in a way it’s morbid because the history surrounds dead bodies being essentially entombed in the abbey but the stories behind them are fascinating as are the stories about the placement. For instance, Queen Mary (Henry VIII’s first daughter) was not initally bured in the Abbey. When she was finally moved there, she was buried directly opposite, across the room from Queen Elizabeth I (VIII’s daughter with Anne Boleyn) because they *hated* each other when they were alive. It’s just fascinating. I would go back to London just to go back to the Abbey.


Yesterday, Nate had to say home.  He had apparently three lose poops on Wednesday so they sent him home from daycare and he had to be symptom free for 24 hours.  So I went home and stayed with him yesterday.  He was totally acting normally so we had a great day. In the morning, we went to Barnes and Noble and had coffee and looked at books and Legos. We then went to Costco. He fell asleep on the car ride home and slept until about 1. We then had lunch and went to go see Hop, which was cute.  By 5:30 or so Izzy was home with Gabby and we hung out. I then went to the bym. I really liked being able to spend time with Nate in a somewhat relaxed setting.  I rarely get to do that…


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