Do I rejoice or not?

And what message does it send to my children when I am elated about the death of anyone, even the person that we’ve been told personifies evil?  I’ve really been thinking about what the death of Osama Bin Laden means and how i react to it.  I mean,  he was the mastermind of a plot that killed thousands of people in the city that I grew up in the shadow of – you could see the Twin Towers from the third floor of my high school on a really clear, nice spring day.  People that I knew died or were caught *really* close to what happened.  Friends of mine worked downtown or were medical students nearby or firefighters or law enforcement.  That was my city.  So yes, it was completely personal. But at the same time, doesn’t rejoicing mean that I’m just as bad as the people that rejoiced when my friends were killed that day?  Also, what sort of message does that send to my children? 

I guess what the moral of this post is that this sort of thing is complicated and comes with mixed feelings. It’s not necessarily black or white, just like there are other things in life that aren’t black and white. 


The weather here has been beautiful and with that comes allergies.  Which STINK.  And here’s where the masochism kind of kicks in – I’ve decided to undergo a series of allergy shots. I get three shots a week for at least a year and at the end of it all, my allergies should get better.  The theory is that they get you used to concentrated mixtures of the things that you’re allergic to so that your body doesn’t have the response that it does – you know, the red itchy eyes that make you look like you have pink eye or have been drinking way too much for 9:30 on a Tuesday morning (as you’re waiting for your cases to get called in court), the sneezing that doesn’t stop, the coughing.  I have had two sets of shots and so far so good I guess. I take double the anti histamine on the days that I get shots and do all right with it.

Nicer weather also means that I’m out and about more. This past weekend, we did a lot!  Nate and I did a walk for breast cancer with some people from my job that was wicked fun but really short. It was only a 25 minute walk, which surprised me. We parked by my office and then walked to the location of the race and the walk to and from the race was probably more strenuous than the actual walk itself, but still fun.  And mother’s day was good too!  I got tix to see Brad Paisley (whoo hoo!!!) and a cool bag from Gabby!


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