So, it went from the white, snow covered whiteness to absolute greeness seemingly over night. Well, I guess i should have said that I expected it because my allergies have been all over the place. However, the warmer weather means:

  • Gardens! I planted only four tomato plants this year – two plants promise to yield the grape tomatoes and two promise to yield heirlooms. Tomatoes have consistently done well in our yard.  Sometimes, I get lucky with peppers but they’re pretty hit or miss.  Hoping I get a good yield this Year. It’s been raining like crazy so at least they’re getting watered. Here’s to hoping that they don’t drown though.
  • Being outside – Nate and I did a 5K (that wasn’t really a 5K for the walkers!) on Mother’s Day over at the Medical Center and I’m hoping to do one later on this month with people from work.  This whole wellness committee thing that we have going on is pretty great!

Things have been quite busy here.  Gabby is rocking it – she is now sitting up by herself unassisted. Sometimes, she’ll tip over but mostly she rocks it.  She’ll also start crawling soon, I’m fairly certain!


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