So far…

…so good. Nate has gone to daycare for the past two days (Thursday and Friday) with underwear – no pull-ups – and has had no accidents!  And yesterday, he even did number 2 in the potty. This is huge because we’ve been working on the potty training thing for months – since before he turned three. I’m not quite sure what clicked but something did because he has been doing really well.  I think it might be a couple of things: for the past month or so, we’ve had a chart where Nate gets an award each time he successfully uses the potty. When he gets a certain number of “awards” he qualifies to get a toy or another treat.  He recently got a toy and I think that really hit home that it’s a good thing to go to the potty.

I was also talking to one of his pre-school teachers yesterday. She told me that there is a group of children – three total, all boys – that recently have all been asking to go to the potty when they have to go.  Nate is one of them. The other two are his close friends (and by that I mean the kids he plays with all the time – C1 and C2 because both have names that start with the letter C), so I think he’s seeing his friend do it and get rewarded, so he wants to do it too. 

I don’t really care why he’s doing it – I’m so happy that he is. I was getting worried that he wasn’t getting it or something wasn’t clicking and wondering what the heck was going on, but I think we’re over the hard part now. YAY!!!


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