Show notes – Reunion!


The Facebook fan page is up and running so please head over there and check it out. All music was gotten from the podsafemusicnetwork.

Music Played

  1. 1. “Reunion Day” by Ian Babington
  2. “Class Reunion” by Todd Stephen
  3. “Reunion” by Korea Girl
  4. “the reunion” by Drunken Prayer
  5. “Can’t Yoou Hear Me Calling” by Freeky Clean
  6. Goddess by Melissa Cox

News stories

  1.  San Franciscans and Circumcision.
  2. Childhood Obesity and which parent is responsible.
  3. Mental health disability and adolescents.
  4. Iranian women barred from wearing headscarves during an Olympic qualifier
  5. Human breastmilk from cows?
  6. Women handle combat stress as well as men
  7. Lactivists overturn a ban on age limits on breastfeeding
  8. School bullies  just tired?
  9. Single moms and health risks
  10. Coke for show and tell!
  11. or a handgun for a present

Reunion links


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