What America Means to Me

So, I’m sitting here in my den watching the Boston Pops perform their event.  I remember going to that when I think I was in between my first and second year, maybe, in college (and I sat there all day and even got on TV!!). I am kind of missing Nate and my husband, who have gone to the high school to watch the fireworks – it’s Gabby’s bed time so she would never have made it as late as they are going to be and Nate has been talking about the fireworks all weekend.  At one point, he asked if we had to go on a plane to see the fireworks because the last time we saw fireworks was in Disney – every night.  Anyways, it got me all nostalgic and thinking about what today means and what the country means and I’ve come up with a few thoughts (that I hope won’t offend anyone). Here it goes:

  • Pride. We are very proud of our country for a number of very good reasons – the amount of freedoms that we have in this country that would boggle and overwhelm the mind of someone that didn’t grow up in this country.  For instance, the amount of freedom that our media has is something that is simply unheard of in some places.  People can report what they want, blog what they want and produce what they want without fear of reprisal from our government. But I think that pride gets to our head sometimes and gives us a false sense of security and maybe a sense of entitlement that can lead to dangers.
  • Our soldiers – this is a don’t shoot the messenger, don’t hate the person that simply obeys.  I think that our soldiers have it so tough and we are so lucky to have them out there, volunteering to serve and put themselves in harm’s way.  They do it so that we don’t have to and so that we can sit here and enjoy our freedoms.  But they aren’t always supported when they come home. Sometimes, they get shafted on things like medical care and mental health care and benefits.  Sometimes, they suffer truly horrendous mental and physical health issues that may not be fully realized until years or decades later.  And that’s shameful.  We should be emulating and supporting the people that volunteer, especially when they come home.
  • Our Constitution – what else can I say? It’s the most wonderful document.  And I’m glad that I get to enforce it in my own way every day by participating in the criminal justice system as an attorney.  It’s fantastic and not everyone has the protections afforded to them by that one document. You probably use at least one (possibly more) of the rights instilled in you by that document every day.
Anyways, that’s enough sappiness for tonight.  Happy fourth!

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