…so I visited the PCP again today so that they could check my ear out. While I feel better than I did last week, I still had that yucky, full, clogged feeling in my ear and a stiff neck, tipping off my anxiety and paranoia about meningitis and all that good stuff.  They totally humor me though and get me in, so I figure I’m just going to go. The doctor looked in my ears, up my nose and down my throat and told me that my eardrum looks good – not infected – although my ear canal is still red and there is still some fluid in my middle ear. I don’t need any more oral antibiotics but I should still use the drops for another 3-4 days. No restrictions – I can swim.  Not like I was going to. I’m not a big swimmer. But I’m still feeling yucky – very congested and pretty tired and the pressure sometimes makes my ears hurt until they pop, then they feel much, much better.  I am going to give myself a little bit more time to get better before I start working out crazily again.


On a kid related noted, Gabby is officially crawling, or at the very least, has figured out that she can now throw herself onto her knees from a sitting position and move towards things that she wants. She moves slowly but surely. She managed to make her way across the room, from our kitchen door to the front door, in order to see her father using a combination of crawling on her knees and the classic Army crawl.  She also managed to move herself about three to four feet to get a lantern type of item that Izzy and Nate were playing with.  We’re in total trouble now that she’s getting somewhat mobile.  Her eczema is totally better too, at least lately.  I think that the humidity is totally helpful in this regard – it isn’t as dry and so she isn’t scratching.


I’m reading a fascinating book right now: A Singular Woman. I know this isn’t the review blog but I thought I would mention it here because it’s about moms.  It’s specifically about President Obama’s mom and I’m absolutely fascinated by her – who she was, her personality and her life.  She is fascinating and obviously passed something along to her son, since he’s risen to the highest elected office that we have in this country (something that I think that we can all agree a parent would be proud of on some level, regardless of what political party you belong to). In some ways, she’s also really inspirational – but I get ahead of myself. When I finish the book, I will totally dedicate at least one blog post to her…


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