One (of many things) that made me cry…

…besides my kids of course.

I watched the game with Nate and thought that it was completely over.  COM-PLETE-LY. Nate was wandering in and out of the TV room saying “Mommy are you ok?  Mommy, they’ll win. You’ll see. Don’t be upset.” And then he would wander out and go to play with his legos or his cars.  Then Abby scored and I had reactions like the guy in the sofa chair below:

I was so happy for them to win this game – it was such a struggle with a ton of calls that were absolutely BS, but they didn’t let it get them down.  They played and played and played so hard and they WON! Yes it was PK’s, but when they scored that last goal at the end of extra time, they were down to 10 players after the ref (incorrectly I believe) awarded a red card and a PK after Marta went down in the box.

I was also touched (ok, bawling) to see how many people were absolutely ecstatic by the win – they got behind these women and were CRAZY HAPPY when they won.  In 1991, when I was 12, my soccer team went to this small town outside of Philadelphia and watched the US Women’s National team play an exhibition game against I think like Mexico.  There was literally no one there besides a few parents of some of the girls on the team and my team. AND we had DINNER with the team afterwards.  I met Michelle Akers-Stahl. AND I GOT A PAIR OF GLOVES FROM THE GOALKEEPER! I met Mia Hamm!  Yes, she was only like 16 or 17 at the time and no one knew who the HELL she was, but I met her and shook her hand and got her autograph. It was the best thing EVER.

And then, in 1999, I went to the Women’s World Cup at the Meadowlands and it was SOLD OUT.  People were trying to scalp tickets. And now, the games are being broadcast on ESPN. There’s a women’s professional league (again) and people are going NUTS because of the World Cup and our women’s team. I never thought that it would ever have happened…I mean, it took 20 years (oh my gosh, it has been 20 years) since I saw that first game with a handful of people in this teeny tiny little stadium in the middle of nowhere to selling out these huge stadiums in the US and in Europe and people tuning in to watch the games. It makes me proud and hopeful and inspired.

That being said, bring it home ladies! We love you and can’t wait to see you play and win on Sunday!!!



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