Oh my goodness, so I was back in the doctor AGAIN today. It is the ear for crying out loud. It gets better and then gets worse and I end up back in the office praying for a miracle that doesn’t come around. ::sigh:: I got referred to SNHMC for an MRI and will be going down to Mass Eye and Ear for consultation after I get the MRI done. I’m on antibiotics again and a steroid to open up the eustachian tube.  I’m wondering if they’re going to put tubes in my ears and/or remove my adenoids. I think that they want to make sure that there isn’t any other weird thing going on that is blocking up the Eustachian tube. I doubt that there is because I’ve always had this problem, even growing up.  It’s overwhelming and stressful and I want answers but medicine, like the law, is a lot of grey area where they need to do more tests (research for lawyers essentially) and then compile a treatment plan (think, trial strategy or motion) that is used to fix your health (win the case!).  It just frustrates me that things are seemingly moving so slowly – I just want to be healthy and not have to worry about my health.


On another note, Izzy and Nate are camping about 40 minutes away from here. I’m home alone with Gabby, who proceeded to wake up at 4:45 this morning (after I slept horrendously) ready to go. We got to daycare at like 6:45. Not even kidding.

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