Meaning to blog…

…but things are super, super, super busy. Everywhere.  I looked at my calendar this morning at work and saw that I literally have four or five major things planned for each day that I work and oftentimes, I have many other, non-work related things that I have to do. Those things are generally related to my health – for instance from about 4:30 until about 6:30, all I did was get poked and prodded by needles today (three allergy shots, one blood test for my thyroid) and then I waited in the radiology department so that they could get me my own copy of my MRI, to take down to Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary when I go there at the end of the month to talk to a specialist.  I’m actually really looking forward to seeing the specialist – because while I am relieved that there isn’t a tumor or a growth in my head, I still don’t know what is wrong.  And I’m the sort of person that anxiety absolutely controls anyways so the not knowing really gets me.

The kids are wonderful.  Nate spent a week with my parents in NY and came back taller I swear and blonder and tanner.  And talking a whole lot more.  Unfortunately, his ears are still a mess and it looks like he may have to have adenoid surgery – they want to take out his adenoids – however we are seeking a second opinion at Boston Children’s so hopefully they will give us some good guidance.  Anyways, off to do what I do best – stress.


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