Another girls’ weekend

So, from tomorrow until Sunday evening, Gabby and I are on our own.  And I’m both looking forward to and dreading it because, while I love my daughter, she can be completely trying and absolutely energy sucking and sometimes absolutely frustrating. But at other times, she’s so loving and adorable and just so much fun.  She and I spent about fifteen minutes today, on our backs looking at our feet and toes and just giggling.  Occasionally, she would scrunch around, look at me, catch my eye and just start giggling.  Then we would wiggle our toes again and laugh.  Nate and I never did things like that.  Nate and I would roll around the living room and have crawling races instead. Their personalities are so different – Nate was a pretty chill kid. He totally was content to just sit and play with cars and other things (and still is – he can spend hours with Legos, cars or puzzles); but Gabby, oh my. Gabby is my feisty child.  She is constantly in motion and constantly wants to get into things and see new things.  Now that she’s mobile and crawling, she’s all over the place.  And practically walking – she gets so brave and can totally balance for about 10 seconds before sitting hard.  They are very, very different…but I guess that is what makes it all fun.


I ended up going to Immediate Care this afternoon after work because my ear was getting all red and beginning to hurt. I figured that I should have it checked out so that if it was swimmer’s ear, they would give me drops and hopefully that would prevent it from screwing around with my middle ear like it did the last time. And lo and behold, I have swimmer’s ear. Again.  They gave me drops.  At least this way, if I’m significantly worse for the wear on Friday, I can get into the PCP to see him about oral antibiotics if it goes into my middle ear. This ear thing is getting really old, but surprisingly, it isn’t causing me any significant anxiety.  I have been getting so much more anxiety from the everyday humdrum then the things that people would assume would cause me to be anxious – my health issues.  Doesn’t make sense, but that’s where it’s at.


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