Why I Love Girls’ Weekends (and why I don’t!)

So Gabby and I had another girl’s weekend this weekend while my husband was in DC with Nate.  I think that we had so much fun (aside from me having more ear issues – my ear hurts more often than not now). She spent a lot of the time hanging on me though, which got on my nerves a little bit. However, we would have moments where all it took was for us to just look at each other before we started just cracking up and giggling.  And often, she would open mouth, belly laugh, which was awesome.

On the health note, my ear is all fucked up and I don’t know what is wrong with it.  I think that I have fluid in there and it’s not draining properly so it’s hurting a bit. I don’t think that my ear drum has ruptured again though because nothing is actually coming out of my ear, down the ear canal. It’s all going down my throat. Thankfully, I am going down to Mass Eye and Ear in a few weeks. Hopefully they will get me on the mend.


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