One thing After another…

…if it’s not one thing it’s something else.  Now, I really enjoy my doctors. They are generally kind people – probably one of the reasons that they elected to do primary care practice/pediatrics and not something like, I don’t know, orthopedics.  But quite frankly I’m sick of seeing them and any other medical professional at this point. I feel like my ear is the bane of my existence. People are telling me that there isn’t anything wrong with it, but there is. It feels swollen sometimes. It rings constantly.  I want answers and I want to be fixed or to be as close to fixed as possible.  Part of my problem, granted, is that I’m not very patient.  i expect modern medicine to be able to figure things like this out. I mean, we have all this technology right? And I’ve participated in a lot of it – CT scans, MRI’s, x-rays, bloodwork. So, i should have some answers somewhere…and I don’t. Which is frustrating and stressful.  It’s like a big cloud that is constantly there and following me around. Some days, there’s nothing doing – it’s not going to rain, but it’s still overcast.  And some days it’s thundering and lightening and hurricane-like outside and I’m running for cover, hoping that I don’t get myself killed.


One thought on “One thing After another…

  1. Sorry you’re having to deal with this on top of everything else. I hope they find an answer for you.
    That’s how I feel about my throat. It’s just never really OK. I’m either sick or between infections and it’s just sore and/or raspy. My voice will never be the same. Anyway, I guess I just focus on everything else BUT my throat. I hardly ever go in to the doctor, because they never fix it anyway. I just keep busy, and keep on keeping on. (Probably to my own detriment.)
    Stay strong Melissa. Try not to have anxiety over it. Easier said than done, right? I do hope they can help you sooner then later!

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