Having Nate back…

…is really weird sometimes.  I feel like the time apart from him, while it has deepened my relationship with my daughter (we totally bonded) has caused me to almost forget who my son was. I have to re-bond with him and get to know him again, in the hopes of making us closer.  I would definitely say that at this moment, I feel more connected with my daughter because I have been the sole caretaker for her while my husband and son have been off galavanting around.  I’m sure that he feels the same way about our son – that he’s more bonded with Nate than he is perhaps with Gabby.  I am hoping that the solution to the problem is to spend some quality mommy/son time with Nate.

On that note, I brought Nate shopping with me tonight – we needed milk and eggs – and I was getting him out of his car seat when he said to me “Get OUT of town mommy” to something I said. The boy is completely learning to be a wise ass. Good boy.


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