Pack Monadnock


Today, my son went on his first hike. Ever.  We went up Pack Monadnock, which is translated, literally as Small Monadnock.  I thought that it would be a good first hike for an (almost) four year old because there were a lot of people there and there is a paved auto road for easy access (just in case!). We went up the yellow marked trail and came down the blue (I think – don’t remember) and my son did remarkably well. He was really interested in the rocks (go figure), so he would make an effort to try to climb on all of the granite slabs that we came across, which, quite frankly, gets old very quickly (when every five steps brings you to a new one). He had a lot of fun and has been asking to go on another one next weekend, so I’m trying to find one for Sunday of next week.  I was thinking of Mt. Uncanoonuc in Goffstown – the South Mountain – but I’m not sure.  I don’t want to do Mt. Monandnock with him yet because that’s a pretty tough one in some spots and I don’t think that I could handle myself getting up there, let alone managing myself in addition to a 3.5 year old.

So for any of you folks that hike in NH, do you know of any hiking trails in the Southern part of the State (or even towards Concord) that would be good for my son and I to hike?

This was also my first hike since I broke my ankle and it held up really well.  Granted, we were going pretty slowly (um, 3.5 year old!) and it wasn’t very wet or slippery.  I’m a little sore now in my ankle but nothing unusual. My lower back actually hurts more than my ankle does. Go figure. I think that once the kids are older (like 6-7 years in the future), Izzy and I will be taking them on a combination hiking/camping vacation in the Presidential range, which totally and completely ROCK. (no pun intended).

More pictures:

My son showing off.

The chipmunk that my son spotted. He was sharing the shelter with us.

The view from the summit, Boston-facing.

The view, Mt. Monadnock facing.




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