Last weekend, the family went to  the Highland Games at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH. I can’t believe that it has been over a week since we took that trip.  The past week has both flown by and gone by so slowly because it has been non-stop.  My days have been jam packed with court hearings and going from one meeting to another and then going to the jail. It has seemed like such a long time.  Anyways, we had a ton of fun.  The drive wasn’t too bad – both up and back.  Gabby slept most of the way up and Nate was awake, but we managed to sing to a lot of the songs on the IPod (he has a soft spot, currently, for Yellow Submarine by the Beatles, which is annoying when you get to the 100th – or 3rd or 4th – time you’re hearing it).  The weather was beautiful – as you can see above – not a cloud in the blue sky and the mountains.  AND, to show you that NH is such a small state – I happened upon friends up there that I know from the area that I live in now and I even re-met someone that I had cases with when I was up in Littleton.  You can’t seem to get away from people here.  I really, really like that – I like having connections to lots of different people. 🙂

More pics from that day (of the kids):

The Gab-ster.

Nate, doing his impression of his mama. 😉


Last week, I went to the audiologist for my initial evaluation for my hearing aid. Yes, I qualify for and am getting a hearing aid probably only in my right ear.  I was so impressed by the types of hearing aids that I was shown.  I won’t be getting the one that fits completely into my ear. The one that I will be getting is the one that sits above the ear and has a wire that goes into the ear canal because that will allow the natural sound to go into the ear canal and will help the hearing aid work better.  This is also especially important for people like me, that have had ruptured ear drums and ear drainage in the past.  What also impressed me is how small and diverse the options that I have are.  I am on the waiting list to try several different models, all of which are digital technology. The higher end models even have Blue Tooth capabilities, which allows you to program the model, channel cell phone calls into your hearing aid (if your cell phone is Blue Tooth capable) and get sounds from your computer. I don’t know if I need Blue Tooth capability but it’s still absolutely fascinating. (And yes, my husband is pushing me to get a Blue Tooth one so he can screw with my head by programming it a certain way when I don’t know and then watching me freak out!).

Honestly, I cannot wait to get my hearing aid.  Silly maybe. Dorky, for sure. But I’m embracing my inner dork. I am honestly curious to see what the quality of the sound is like – will it be all tinny or will the sound be “normal” or will it be somewhere in between?  This totally reminds me of this episode of This American Life – one of the people that they interviewed had a cochlear implant as a child and actually didn’t like it because he didn’t like the quality of the sound.  But I get the feeling that hearing aid technology is much more advanced than cochlear implant technology.  I’m still really curious. And that’s the dorky part of me coming out. I also just really want to be able to hear with my right ear.




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