Where have I been?

Around I promise. Last weekend, my family and I spent time here:

That’s Nate you see in the lower right hand corner. He loves visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Sag Harbor, NY.  In particular, he follows my dad around like there’s no tomorrow – they have so much fun together. He loved going to the beach (where we saw swans, including babies that were nearly full grown and found a really awesome shell). Izzy, Gabby and I also had the privilege of tagging along and, in our travels, rubbed elbows with some famous people.  On Monday morning, we went into the village pretty early – 8:30 or 9:00 for breakfast and coffee.  Nate and Izzy were hightailing it to the car because Nate really had to go to the bathroom – he was standing in our double stroller and Izzy was pushing. I was holding Gabby in my arms and she was giggling and pointing at everything and everybody and chatting away.  Nate and Izzy were pretty far ahead of me and nearly took out this older looking guy that was moving pretty slowly – walking his little dog.  I looked up and made eye contact with the guy, who was *really* old looking and Gabby saw him too. She pointed, smiled, giggled/cooed and waved.  The guy, who is walking by us at this point, says “Hi there, cute baby!.”  And I totally recognized the voice and the eyes: Billy Joel. No kidding. I felt so badly – he was alone, he looked really old and just sad to be alone.

The funny thing about celebrities and other public people is that, in my experience, they’re never as I imagined that they would look like in real life (after seeing them on TV and with the exception of Dustin Pedroia, who looks exactly like I imagined he would be). I was surprised by this interaction – not because Billy Joel seemed like a jerk – in fact quite the opposite. He was polite and nice enough.  But it’s just that he was so … worn out. He face was lined and haggard and he was moving like a man 20 years older than he was, which was what threw me off initially. If I hadn’t heard him talk, I probably wouldn’t have thought twice about it.

We also saw Andy Cohen but our brush with him was more distant. He was loading up his car down the block from where my parents have a home.  I was totally more excited about Billy Joel.  And I have to say, I’m proud of my ability to recognize celebrities in real life.  I think it’s a talent that is hereditary.  My dad is pretty good at it too.

We were also celebrating this:

Gabby turned one on October 9 – she shares a birthday with John Lennon and Sharon Osbourne. Also on this day in 2011, Paul McCartney got married for the third time, Che Guevara dies and Barak Obama is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Kathy Sullivan became the first American woman to walk on the moon. Phantom of the Opera premiered in London on October 9. We saw our family – which was really nice – and I got to meet Ryan – a cool guy that I think my sister is seeing.

I promise to be around more.  I was pretty sick a couple of weeks ago – I had a virus of some sort and now my gallbladder, I think is acting up. It’s sometimes hard to breath – good thing is my liver tests came back as normal. I need to have an x-ray and ultrasound, which will let us know whether it’s gallstones or something else.  I’ve resigned myself to having surgery to have my gallbladder removed, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy about it.


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