D.C. and SNOW

So, over the weekend, we had a freak storm.  Literally, we had snow – around 4 inches or so in our neck of the woods. This is what it looked like:

and this is what our backyard looked like the next day:

We lost power for about 24 hours – from late Saturday night (around 10 or 11) until 10 or 11 on Sunday.  During the time that we were without power, we drove around Nashua and went to South Nashua, where the mall is. We left our house at about 11:30, figuring the mall would have power and we could be warm for a few hours, maybe get something to eat. As we drove down our street, we noticed a few things. Our across the street neighbors had some significant damage to their home.  A tree had knocked down part of their fence and another tree had gone through their roof, leaving a hole.  The other people across the street had a tree fall on their all seasons room, so simply having branches fall in our backyard wasn’t too awful.

As we made our way down to the end of the street, we also noticed that trees were sometimes missing complete limbs.  Those limbs were often in front yards.  The top of our street was closed off because wires had come down and were, presumably, live.  As we got to the busier streets, we noticed that street lights were often out, which isn’t a good thing,particularly when there aren’t officers or other state personnel directing traffic. Another bizarre thing that we noticed was that the gas stations were packed. Cars were lined up down the street for up to half a mile so that people could not only fill up their cars but so that they could fill up other gas containers presumably for their generators or camping equipment. It was if the Apocalypse had occurred and people were stocking up.  The mall wasn’t open – it had no power – and neither did many of the businesses around there, even ::gasp:: Costco!  We eventually found a place that was open for lunch and it happened to be one of my most favorite Mexican places (La Carreta!!).  We then got home and prepared for the night without power.  We started a fire and Nate roasted marshmallows. We then all attempted to go to sleep.  But poor Gabby was having none of it.  For some reason, this:

wasn’t appealing to her. We ended up getting power back later that evening so it ended up being all right.


I am here until Friday morning:

Tomorrow is the oral argument in a case that I was trial counsel on.  I’m really excited and nervous about it. I have updated a bunch of pictures on FB and Flickr.  Enjoy!

I took the Amtrak regional train down from South Station and it was such a LONG trip.  I think it was around 6 hours. I left South Station at 11:05 and got to Union Station in DC at around 630. OK, so more than 6 hours – 7 hours.  I couldn’t complain though. It was a comfortable trip. I had Internet service most of the way down. I had a seat near the cafe car and the bathroom. I watched X-Men:Origins, which I hadn’t seen before all the way through. So I can’t say anything bad about it. Amtrak is scarily efficient in leaving on time, so don’t be late because they’re not waiting for anyone. Today, I did the monuments and the Smithsonian Museum of American History. Tomorrow is the oral argument and I will probably do either the Holocaust Museum or the American Natural History Museum. I am wiped tonight.


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