My True Thanksgiving Story

So, Happy Thanks giving everyone!  I thought that I would share one my fondest memories of Turkey Day. OK, so maybe not fond but definitely memorable.  And it’s a true story. I grew up on Long Island, literally a 30 minute (on a day when LIRR wasn’t delayed for some reason) from Manhattan and a five minute walk from the great borough of Queens. When I was 5 and half, my sister was born so my dad thought he would take me into the city with my uncle to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  So we proceeded to go into the city and set up camp and got a pretty decent spot. However there was only room really for a fairly small 5 and a half year old – me.  The adults were at different places and my dad was probably 20 feet behind me. At some point, I turned around and I didn’t see him so I wandered back to where I last saw him. Oh and did I mention that not only was I in Manhattan, during the Thanksgiving Day Parade, but that we were a mere blocks from Time Square? Yeah. 5.5 year old me wandering around Time Square on Thanksgiving during the parade.

At some point I must have realized that I couldn’t find any of the people that I was with.  I didn’t see my dad and my uncle wasn’t where I had last seen him. So I remember approaching a woman that was pushing a baby carriage – not bad thinking for a kid right?  On some level I must have realized that she would be able to help me. She flagged down a NYC police officer and just as she got done explaining what happened my dad found us.  And on the ride home, he told me not to tell my mom, an instruction I promptly ignored and which led to, I’m sure, a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving Day between my mom and dad.

This is something that we talk about every Thanksgiving when we turn the parade on.  Classic.


One thought on “My True Thanksgiving Story

  1. ugh! I don’t remember getting lost as a kid, but we’ve “misplaced” a few of ours in Disney World. Yes, you were a smart 5-year-old, asking a mother for help (that’s what we’ve advised our kids – don’t move from where you are [we’ll find you], ask a mom with kids for help, or ask an employee wearing a nametag).

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