Hearing aids and Christmas trees

So, for those of you that don’t know, I have hearing aids. I wear them approximately 8-10 hours a day, mostly when I’m at work, during the week. On weekends, I will wear them when we’re out and about or when we’re watching TV. I wore them to the movies for the first time yesterday.I don’t wear them in the shower or when I’m working out. I don’t wear them to bed.  And when I AM wearing them, you wouldn’t even know whether I had them in or not, unless you were acutely aware of the seemingly lessening amount of times I was asking you to repeat yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes have to ask for people to speak up or move their hands from the vicinity of their mouths (because you wouldn’t believe how much that simple act of putting your hand near your mouth prevents the sound from traveling and thereby being caught and amplified by the hearing aids).

It has also worked wonders with my son, who we learned has nearly the almost exact same hearing loss that I do – same range and same place (the nerve, misfiring or not firing at all).  We are getting him hearing aids this month and he’s really excited to have microphones for his ears, just like mommy.  I am nervous about him getting them – one reason is a funny/proud reason. He’s already so smart and his hearing is nowhere near where it should be – I can’t imagine what’s going to happen when he’s really and truly up to speed.  I’m nervous too though – because of his age, he qualifies for services through the school district (at the very least, he qualifies for accommodations – most notably requiring all of his teachers to wear an FM transmitter/microphone around their necks that will broadcast what they are saying to the FM receiver in his hearing aids and sitting near the front of the classroom).  However, it has taken me nearly one week to get someone from the school district on the phone. I keep getting bounced around and having to leave messages. I finally got a call back today, when I was in a meeting.  I will call back in the morning.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And the busiest. Our tree is up but I am nowhere near done wrapping presents.  ::sigh:: Isn’t that always the way.


One thought on “Hearing aids and Christmas trees

  1. Lovely tree!

    Your post reminded me about a coworker of my husband’s who has profound hearing loss and has her hearing aids ramped up to (nearly) maximum; when she scratches her head, he can hear it broadcast from the hearing aids!

    And WOW with your son — I hope you post on how it goes!

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