My Christmas Eve, Eve, the Christmas Eve and the Christmas post

So, I have been on vacation since Thursday.  I think that it’s “vacation” in the sense that I’m not in work 24/7. I guess you can call it that. I mean, I had a pedicure AND a haircut within 48 hours of each other (which is pretty much unheard of when you have two children under the age of five AND you weren’t exactly inclined to getting both of those things done within the same time period when you were childless).  I also did work – and went into the office to make sure that certain things got taken care of in a timely fashion being that I’m out of the office until the new year.

I also had to bring my son into the Emergency Room at SNHMC on Friday afternoon/evening. He was having a really bad stomach pain on his right side and had a fever. He was also saying that his boy parts were hurting him. Wonderful. Fast forward 5 hours, two ultrasounds and a chest x-ray later, and it turns out my kid had a virus – a cold more like it.  What a pain. We ended up not driving to NY until yesterday, which was fine by me because poor kid had the chills. 😦 He probably had the flu or something, which stinks because we all got flu shots.  So far he’s doing better. We haven’t had to give him Motrin today yet and his fever is non-existent. I’m hoping to get him through tonight without having to give him the Motrin, but I will if it means that he’ll get a good night’s sleep. Poor baby.

He’s having a wonderful Christmas/birthday so far (yes, he’s a Christmas baby).  We had a cake for him at Christmas Eve last night with my extended family and doing more birthday presents with him tonight for his “official” birthday.  He’ll be four at 5:37 PM. 🙂 Hard to believe that it’s been four years since he came out.

In the next few days, be prepared to see a few new blog posts about things that I would like to do in the future and keep an eye on the book blog for my top lists. 🙂

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