Housekeeping, hornet’s nests and hearing aids

So, I’ve been home since last week – Thursday to be exact – and since then we’ve cleaned up around the house, including getting a new stove (which has been wonderful). The stove gives me so much more room to do things and the oven itself actually works (surprisingly enough – when it says that it’s 375 degrees Farenheit, it’s really 375 degrees!). We have also done a thorough expungement of the toys and clothing that we don’t play with or wear because we’re in the process of cleaning our basement room. There is one room down there connected to the garage that houses a table, the treadmill, a cable hookup for a television and some benches that we intend to put cushions on. We want to re-do that room down there and make it into a downstairs play area for the kids, but first we need to get rid of a bunch of the stuff that is down there and then paint it and put down either some different carpeting (it’s a hideously dark blue right now) or this type of flooring. Our neighbors, whose house backs up to ours, had that in their basement and it was beautiful, so I think that the basement is our next major, major project.  A more immediate project will be ripping up the carpeting in our bedroom, probably in the next few days or so, because there is hardwood floor underneath the rugs and we really want that style. Additionally, I’m sure that not having carpeting is going to help with my allergies.


As you can see from the above post, not only did my son have a fantastic time over Christmas (in spite of his illness) but he has also finally gotten his hearing aids.  It’s been a little bit of an issue getting him to wear them, until today. Today was the first day that he wore them to school and he actually wore them all day with the exception of nap time and by all accounts, he has enjoyed wearing them at school because he can actually hear what his friends and teachers are saying. One of his afternoon teachers came up to us afterwards with questions about how to help him get the batteries out and changed.  They have so far been really awesome and his friends seem genuinely interest in the hearing aids themselves which is cool. I have also filled out the paperwork for the school district as far as the speech pathologist goes.  He hasn’t had speech pathology testing, and the school district is paying for it, so it can’t hurt just to make sure that he’s all on the right track. I completely intend on talking to the pediatrician about it as well at Nate’s 4 year Well Child Check next week.


This was found in one of the bushes at the front of our house.  It was in one of the bushes that is closest to the road and is pretty big, all things considered.  It’s actually really papery feeling but solid at the same time.  Anyone know what wasps use or do to make their homes?


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