New resolutions?

So I was reading over my resolutions list and I have a few additions/corrections. I think that going vegetarian right now probably isn’t the best decision that I could make for my own mental health. I mean, I would essentially be making two sets of meals each night and I already don’t have enough time or energy to figure that out. So I think that I’m going to take that one off of my list. In its place, I would like to add – posting something crafty on Etsy and actually selling it. I’m working on a blanket for Nate right now but when I’m done with that I have a couple of other crocheting projects that might be worth posting and seeing if I can net anything. I’ve been doing moderately well on my other resolutions. I’ve already made one new thing last week:

I made those! So yummy too


2 thoughts on “New resolutions?

  1. To ease into the vegetarian thing, I highly recommend Peter Berley’s cookbook: _Flexitarian Table_. In there he works though how to create a omnivore/meat and veggie version of the same meal. Also the menus are seasonal and they are fairly easy to pull together. (The squash soup, while divine does take some time though). His other cookbook, _Fresh Food Fast_ also gets a lot of use in my kitchen.

  2. How about vegetarian dinner for everyone 2x a week or something instead? There are lots of ways to cut back on meat without going totally veggie right away 🙂 (Or there’s Mark Bittman’s approach of vegan until dinner, though that would totally not work for me.)

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