Swimming lessons

I have been bringing Nate to swimming lessons at the YMCA and I generally think it’s good but I wish that I had started them with him sooner.  It’s a pike and parent class, which means that I or my husband get to get in the water with our son and do a 30 minute class with him. It’s geared mainly to get the kids comfortable in the water and comfortable with the basic building blocks of swimming – learning how to reach for things in the water, kicking and using hands at the same time. But i find myself getting somewhat frustrated with my son, who will literally grip onto me with both his arms and his legs at the same time, even though I assure him that I am not going to let him go and he’s got the flotation device that you attach to them, where it’s styrofoam attached to a string and then on their back.  This past weekend, I think that we had a major breakthrough though, because I managed to get him literally off of me so that he was floating in the water, feet towards the bottom, treading water and holding onto my hands and he seemed to like it.  Does anyone have any ideas about how to get my son more comfortable in the water?


4 thoughts on “Swimming lessons

  1. I’m surprised that they allow any sort of flotation device. That’s a big no-no in the lifeguard/swim instructor world here.

  2. Milana was the same way. Bought a big kiddie pool-3×12 and spent the summer in it, filled the jacuzzi-deep, and finally when Todd and I took the kids to kahuna laguna (indoor water park up north) she finally LET me put on their life vest. Yes I couldn’t even get one on in the house to check for fit! Miraculously, she released her Kung foo grip and doggie paddled,with the vest, in their pools. It was a great winter overnight!

  3. Just keep doing the same thing-the more often you do it the more comfortable he will become-I noticed the same thing when he was with us this summer-he was petrified -but as the week progressed he felt a little more comfortable.

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