Isn’t always the case…

…that the hardest part about being a parent goes from adjusting to caring for someone that is completely dependent upon you to learning to care for yourself while you’re caring for that child?  This past week, both my husband and I cared for Gabby, who had an ear infection followed by bronchiolitis, all as collateral consequences of a cold.  And then both Izzy and I got the cold – Izzy first and that I succumbed to it beginning on Thursday night.  And with the cold comes sinus woes, ear woes and cough woes. We have the humidifiers running 24-7 around here.  However, I find that whenever I get sick, I inevitably forget to take care of myself – I still run around on full steam as if I’m completely healthy.  I don’t sleep as much or as well as I normally do (I can never sleep when I have a cold for some reason), so, in actuality, I’m quite sluggish. I forget to pump the fluids, so I end up being dehydrated which obliterates my sinuses. Blech…I think I’m getting better because I don’t feel as awful as I did yesterday. 

More later…


3 thoughts on “Isn’t always the case…

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