Snow and other assorted musings

So, we finally had a winter snow storm, as opposed to the freak storm that we had in October that resulted in the near apocalypse and the postponement of Halloween.  Here are a few pictures of our street:

And our street, if our house is on the right:

I think that it looks a lot worse then it actually was mostly because people forgot how to drive a car on slick, snowy roads.  I drove to work at around 7:30 and the roads were pretty gross, mostly because of the lack of plowing (or the inability of the plows to keep up with the snow, which came down at a pretty good clip for most of the morning), the idiots that think they can tailgate anyone if they have all wheel drive and the other idiots who just forget that you can’t have a heavy foot on either the brakes OR the gas when it’s snowing out and the roads are slick. It kind of reminded me, actually, of those winters in Syracuse (yay lake effect AND 913 Ackerman – rock it!) – that was the sort of snow it was.  Heavy and wet and coming down all the time.  But unlike Syracuse, I have a snow-blower AND these:

I was finally able to break out the snowshoes today, for the first time this season which, in and of itself, is pathetic because it’s March 2 and my birthday is a week from today.  I would have used the snowshoes AND have gone skiing at least two to three times by now but because it hasn’t really been snowing all that much, I haven’t been able to. However, today, I went for a 30-35 minute snow-shoe adventure in the Horse Hill Nature Preserve:

I actually found the preserve almost by accident about 2.5 or 3 years ago and it’s wonderful. It’s easy walking trails during the spring, summer and fall. You can bring bikes and your horses in as well. During the winter, the paths, as you can see, are converted into cross country and snow-shoeing paths. I wasn’t the only one by far. There were tons of people out and about, mostly snow-shoeing but I saw a fair number of cross country skiers as well.  Not many equestrians though. I had forgotten how much of a good workout snow-shoeing was and I hope that the snow lasts for most of March because I really want to get out and do it again. After my workout I got a haircut:

You can’t really tell but there are really nice red and blond highlights – care of Kristi at Contemporary Trends (who is awesome!).


I’m glad that I’m not the only one that feels the guilt of being a parent that works outside the home. Do you think that just women feel that way or do men feel it to? Should this “guilt” be something that parents of both genders feel or is it a feeling that we should be looking to eradicate?  Hrm…something to ponder. I don’t know if I have a really good answer to that. For me, the guilt comes because I feel inadequate to some extent and that is a result of self-esteem issues that I probably have had for most of my life (and which I swear I’m working on!).  What I mean is that should we try to change societal attitudes so that society embraces both the mom that works outside the home and the mother that is a stay at home mom?  Shouldn’t society value both of those people as valuable contributors to both their families and their communities, albeit in different ways? Also, shouldn’t society embrace and support the stay at home dads as well as the dads that work outside the home, instead of disparaging them?  I think that this would make everyone and everyplace a much nicer place.


2 thoughts on “Snow and other assorted musings

  1. First…how nice would it have been if we had had a snowblower (and HEAT) at Ackerman!!! Remember the icicles—
    Second, when ever I start to feel guilty I remind myself that there are moms and dad out there who are working three jobs just to put food on the table, and other parents out there who are going overseas to protect our country (I sincerely thank all those men and women). So the reality is, I try not to beat myself up about going to work and helping to provide a nice life for my family….same goes for you!!!
    Happy t-minus one-week birthday!

    • OMG the ice cycles…I remember our first semester in that house when we had that huge storm during finals remember? I think we got like three feet in one day.

      And you’re so right. Miss you Trace Face. AND BTW you would be so proud of Shadowface, who becomes so protective of both Gabby and Nate – if they’re crying she helps to comfort them and she lets Gabby literally lay down on top of her, pull her ears and tail and she doesn’t even do anything about it except for purr. :-/ But she’s getting so old – she’s going to be 12 this year.

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